According to the latest reports, the United Nations has asked the European Union to leave foreign airlines out of its CO2 trading scheme. This means that there are a lot of countries around the world now, not just the United States, that do not want the European Union to move ahead with this scheme.

Some of the big-name countries that are taking a stand against this scheme include China, Russia, the United States, Japan, and India. However, according to the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization, there are some 26 countries that are urging the United Nations to leave foreign airlines out of it.

One of the main problems that the European Union is facing right now is a new bill from the United States. Apparently, the US wants nothing to do with this trading scheme. In fact, this new bill would prevent all United States airlines from even taking part in the scheme. That would stop a lot of traffic in and out of Europe. All of that traffic would be divided to other countries that do not take part in the scheme.

Right now, the tourism market in Europe is just hoping that it does not come to that. Many companies are already having a hard time staying afloat without having to worry about countries not wanting to fly planes to Europe. Either way, this new scheme is going to prove to be hard on the travel and tourism industry. This goes double for the airline industry. More and more people might start turning to other forms of travel, like car hire.

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